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Photo of a little girl playing with blocks on a suspended platform for classes on sensory integration, correctional, and developmental therapy

5 Reasons You Need to Change Your Plan of Care: The Patient’s Goals Have Been Met

When we’re not addressing all of our patient’s goals consistently in therapy, we may need a new situation. In order to do this, it’s imperative to think about some important questions: Why are we not hitting these goals? What might be getting in the way? What can we do differently? And it’s at this point that we will need to adjust the child’s plan of care! This series of blog posts titled, 5 Reasons You Need to Change Your Plan of Care, will discuss exactly that!

One reason you may not not be addressing all of the therapeutic goals is that the child has already met some or all of them! In this case, the child will need to be reevaluated in order to establish new goals or it could mean they are ready to be discharged. An evaluation will indicate if there is a need to continue services or if the child is functioning at age-appropriate skills. The plan of care is always based on the needs of the child- if the child has met their goals then they’re ready to be discharged even if they’ve been approved for more visits by the insurance company. You are in charge of this decision, not the insurance company.

For more information, check out Pediatric Developmental Therapy’s Working Therapist Podcast titled, “5 Reasons You Need to Change Your Plan of Care.”

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