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Photo of a child playing with blocks

DIR Greenspan Floortime Approach: A Brief Overview

In this episode of The Working Therapist, Haden is joined by returning guest Michelle Moran, PDT physical therapy assistant and Purple Team member, to discuss the DIR Greenspan Floortime Approach class that she recently completed. The DIR Greenspan Floortime Approach is a connectivity model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan that has been used for years by therapists. Dr. Greenspan’s research and model enables and enhances any therapists ability to connect with children in order to enhance a child’s engagement in what is being presented to them, whether that be therapy, education, or anything else. This approach is frequently used by occupational therapists as well as speech-language pathologists. It is one of our favorite courses, and Haden whole-heartedly recommends it for any therapist of any discipline that works with pediatrics. Join Haden and Michelle as they discuss a brief overview of this course, and the value that it brings to pediatric therapy.

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