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Evaluation Skills: Torticollis – Part 2

October is National PT month! In order to support our physical therapists, here is another podcast featuring Haden and guest, Samantha Arritt (PT), as they discuss “Evaluation Skills: Torticollis – Part 2.” In Part 1, Samantha discussed the 6 different types of torticollis and introduced the concepts of the PIQ Tool in regards to identifying these different types. In this episode, Samantha walks the listener through how to successfully evaluate a child with torticollis applying the PIQ tool in the SOAP format. Samantha also discusses effective goal writing, treatment strategies, and home exercise programs (HEP’s) for torticollis patients. This is a fantastic listen and a must hear for therapists of every discipline.

Show Notes

Evaluation Skills: Torticollis
1. Evaluation Skills: Torticollis – Part 1
2. Evaluation Skills: Torticollis – Part 2
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