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Go Baby Go – Part 1

In this episode of The Working Therapist, Haden welcomes guests Dr. Cole Galloway, PhD. Professor Associate Chair Department of Physical Therapy University of Delaware STAR Health Sciences Complex, Adrina Sabet DPT, as well as Kjirsti Myles, DPT and PDT team lead, as they discuss Go Baby Go. Go Baby Go is a movement that started under the direction of Dr. Galloway at the University of Delaware with a mission of empowering people planet wide to create their lives thru mobility. The Go Baby Go program now has over 40 programs internationally. Throughout this series, Haden and discuss the history and growth of the Go Baby Go program, it’s exciting future, as well as how listeners can get involved to help spread the Go Baby Go mission of mobility.

Go Baby Go
1. Go Baby Go – Part 1
2. Go Baby Go – Part 2
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