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Photo of a box of kinetic sand

Good Toy v. Great Toy

The holiday season is already upon us and that means lots of shopping. As you and your parents shop for gifts for the special little people in our lives there are a myriad of products from which to choose. Certain questions begin to come to mind. “How do I know what to buy?” “What is a toy that will not only bring enjoyment, but aid in development?” If you are asking any of these questions than this podcast is a must hear. Join Haden and her guest, Alyson Nance, as they discuss “Good Toy v. Great Toy”. Throughout the podcast Haden and Alyson speak from their years of experience doing therapy and providing quality, developmentally focused toys for children. Haden and Alyson review what makes a great toy great. They also discuss their top 10 favorite toys for this season.

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