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Graphic showing comment bubbles in reds, oranges, and yellows with who, what, where, when, why, and how inside

How Do I Do “WH” Questions without Picture Cards?

A Google search of “how do I” will get you 4,590,000,000 approximate results in .56 seconds. “Do it yourself” will provide an additional 197,000,000 possibilities and you’re still under 1 second of search time. While you may find out how to change the oil in a John Deere lawn tractor or make your own homemade soap using some questionable ingredients, finding exactly what you’re looking for takes your search time from 1 second to hours and even days with no guarantee of usable results. In this series of podcasts, Haden will share insights from her years of experience that will answer how-do-I questions that she has heard hundreds of times. You’ll receive the benefit of usable tips that she has learned and picked up from other successful therapists through the years that you can add to your therapy tool belt today. Today’s podcast is the third topic in the series and focuses on teaching “WH” questions without the use of picture cards.

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