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Photo of a little boy looking angry while playing with other children

How to Manage the Therapy Session for Positive Behavior Responses

Often in our work environment, we hear that a therapist may be struggling with the behaviors of a child. But what does that mean? If we think about it, there are positive and negative behaviors, and all of us behave in some way or another every single day! So when we hear “struggling with behaviors,” what might we be referring to? When a therapist struggles with a child having a behavior, this usually means the child is exhibiting an unwanted action. This could be in the form of refusal to partake in therapy by saying “no” or sitting in the corner, throwing a tantrum, or running away. In this podcast, Haden Boliek, SLP and Kjirsti Myles, PT discuss some great ways to resolve these types of situations and target what’s really going on in order to foster positive behavioral responses!

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