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Managing Cancellations

As therapists, we work hard to make sure that the therapy that we deliver is planned, goal centered, and appropriate for each patient we treat in order to see them to continue to grow and develop. There is one thing, though, that hinders our progress with patients more than any other issue… cancellations. Cancellations cause therapy progress to be limited for therapists across the country on a daily basis, affecting the continued development of the cancelling patient, as well as other patients that could be seen at those same times. While cancellations are never going to be completely eliminated, they can be managed through intentional communication and good planning. In this episode of The Working Therapist, Haden welcomes returning guests Kim Molar, speech-language pathologist and Pediatric Developmental Therapy Blue Team Lead, and Kjirsti Myles, physical therapist and Pediatric Developmental Therapy Purple Team Lead, to join her as they discuss “Managing Cancellations”.

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