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Manna Church’s Special Needs Ministry – Part 2

In this episode of The Working Therapist, Haden is joined by special guests Debbie Hume, Director of Special Needs Ministry at Manna Church, and Alyson Nance, Pediatric Developmental Therapy Project Manager, to discuss “Manna Church’s Special Needs Ministry.” Pediatric Developmental Therapy has recently had the opportunity to partner with Manna Church and their Very Important Kids (V.I.K.) Special Needs Ministry. This is a great ministry with a mission to embrace children in the special needs community with love and acceptance. Throughout this episode, Haden, Debbie, and Alyson discuss the sensory rooms being set up at each of Manna’s five campuses, special needs training & educational offerings regularly hosted by Manna Church, as well as the V.I.K.’s growing Respite Care ministry.


Show Notes

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Manna Church's Special Needs Ministry
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