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Nolaro24 – Part 2

In this episode of The Working Therapist podcast, Haden is joined by guests Roberta Nole, MA, Physical Therapist, and Certified Pedorthist, Dr. Louis DeCaro, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, as well as Kjirsti Myles, Pediatric Developmental Therapy Purple Team Lead and Physical Therapist to continue our discussion on one of our favorite orthotic manufacturers, Nolaro24. Nolaro24 is an orthotic company that is changing podiatric medicine by standardizing and prescriptionizing the orthotics industry through their QUADRASTEPS and littleSTEPS Systems of orthotics. Throughout this episode, Roberta Nole, Nolaro24’s President and Chief Product Developer, and Dr. DeCaro, Nolaro24’s Director of Medical Relations, discuss their QUADRASTEP System of orthotics, functional foot-typing, and the importance of early intervention for lifelong foot health. We hope you enjoy “Nolaro24: Part 2.”


Show Notes

QUADRASTEP Referral Program for Clinics

The American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics

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