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Photo of a little boy holding a pocket disc

Pocket Disc – Part 2

On this edition of The Working Therapist, Haden continues her conversation with Patrick Groft*, Owner and Founder of Pocket Disc, about the development of the product that bears his company’s name. What began as a mistake by his third grade daughter, ended up starting a growing company that is committed to the principles of Fair Trade and being a Certified Green Business. The Pocket Disc is one of the most versatile, durable and adaptable therapy toys that the PDT Team uses in their therapy sessions..Links to the topics discussed can be found below.


Buy a Pocket Disc

Fair Trade

Green Business

North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association

* The Working Therapist production team extends a very special thanks to Patrick for his dedication to this podcast. Patrick was recorded via cell phone from the side of Interstate 85 as he awaited the arrival of a tow truck for his broken down vehicle. While the recording was taking place, one of our crew contacted a car-savvy family member in the area, who came to Patrick’s rescue and got him back on the road before the the tow truck ever arrived.

Pocket Disc
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