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Photo of a little boy doing therapy with rubber bands

S.M.I.L.E – Simple Modifications in the Learning Environment for the Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapist Part 1

Therapists make simple modifications to meet a child’s needs.

There are many common items that can be found in our environment to utilize during therapy, whether they be in the clinic, in the classroom, or in the home of the child.

Photo of a little boy playing with Legos

Lap Pads

This tool can be made easily with a dollar store tube sock filled with rice. They are helpful for children who have trouble sitting still in one spot as it applies a little pressure to keep them calm. The child can pick it up and hold it, quickly transition with it, and even write on it for a fun activity.

Photo of a purple shelf liner

Shelf Liner

For a child who may be continuously sliding out of their chair, shelf liner for the seat might work wonders for them. It provides stability, allowing them to keep their hips aligned, feet flat on the floor, and posture straight. The child can sit up and be part of their environment rather than slipping down in their chair and distracted.


A theraband wrapped around a child’s chair is great for reminding them where their feet need to be. They are able to kick it and fidget with it while remaining upright in their chair. The feedback and resistance from the band also encourages body awareness.

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