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Sensory Awareness – Part 2

In this episode of The Working Therapist, Haden welcomes guest, Rachel Beaver, occupational therapist and Pediatric Developmental Therapy Purple Team member, as they discuss “Sensory Awareness.” Rachel recently presented the keynote address titled “Tigger or Eeyore: Sensory Awareness and Finding Balance between the Extremes” at a community forum. Throughout our “Sensory Awareness” series, Rachel provides listeners valuable insights as she gives an overview of her address. In Part 2, Haden and Rachel discuss the sensory under responder and sensory craver subtypes of sensory processing disorders, as well as discuss the therapeutic approach for each.


Show Notes

Sensory Awareness PowerPoint

An Introduction to Visual Perception Deficits – Part 1

Sensory Awareness
1. Sensory Awareness – Part 1
2. Sensory Awareness – Part 2
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